Permanent Placements

A key long term investment for any business, no matter what size, is the selection of permanent employees, at any level. In addition to experience and qualification for the role you seek to fill, there will be many other factors identified that will contribute to the best investment for your company. Above all there is no capital outlay until we fill your vacancy.

At Line Up Aviation, we understand that the ‘match’ between client and candidate goes well beyond what is on paper.

Our selection and interview processes are designed specifically to ensure we come as close to perfect as possible. We employ the latest technology for search & selection of candidates on our own extensive database and related job boards. We advertise with care in relevant media and where necessary diplomatically approach agreed targeted individuals in the marketplace.

We take the trouble to identify real enthusiasm for your product, location, brand and objectives so that the candidate brings to your business a passion for building a career not just fulfilling a short term need.

We take away the effort from the moment you decide to add to your human assets. We take time to understand your objectives and also speak to people who are not looking for work and therefore not reading websites and media advertisements. Our experienced recruiters are ‘locked in’ daily to a network of worldwide aviation intelligence. From all this, our Client Account teams will propose solutions that fit your business – after all, we want our people to become your people.