Project Management Teams

With our broad aviation experience and manpower skills, Line Up Aviation is experienced in providing project teams of pre-qualified skilled individuals to undertake planned or unexpected tasks across a broad spectrum of aviation disciplines. Our teams can range from hangar management to aircraft refurbishment and line maintenance duties to aircraft modifications, through our partners’ EASA 145 operation.

A Line Up Aviation representative will often be based on site and will be the liaison between the team and the client. The representative will be responsible for daily coordination of activities with the client. All logistical aspects of the working team, mobility, work permits, accommodation, transport and timesheets are taken away from the client so they are able to concentrate on their business. Team selection is critical to the success of the project and we are careful to ensure that language, nationality and experience complement the group as a whole, providing a cohesive professional working unit delivering quality work on time and within budget.

Whatever the requirements, we are happy to discuss your needs and explore the most cost effective way of providing the skills required to complete your project to a high standard.