Things Are Looking Brighter!


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Things are looking brighter

So almost 70% of the world’s aircraft fleet has been parked at some point. Airbus demand has dropped by 30%, Boeing by 50% and MRO spending is 55% of 2019 levels. On top of this in the UK, we have new off-payroll legislation (IR35) along with the fallout from Brexit meaning the movement of workers between the UK & Europe, and vice versa is a challenge. At Line Up, we have been busy working from home, weathering the storm, and going above and beyond to try and help as many professionals as we can get back into work. Reassuringly, I see a team of smiling faces and overhear charming telephone calls now that thankfully most of us are back in the office. We are being told that air travel will return to 2019 levels in 2023, so we have a way to go but let’s be positive, things are definitely looking brighter.

We are placing people in countries such as Taiwan, Israel, China, Mexico, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and even a few streets away from our office in the UK. Our team in Italy are working their hearts out and having equal success, despite being under a Code Red lockdown situation for a while (now reduced to Amber).

We can anticipate the world starting to move again with so many airlines are preparing for the cork to come out the bottle as we all crave for our holidays in the sunshine or just something different to our own back yard. Again, thank you to our Clients and Candidates for helping us to keep buzzing and optimistic!

Ian Taylor, CEO

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