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Line Up Aviation were truly delighted to enter into an exclusive partnership with Yellow Technic, (A new joint venture in Barcelona/Spain between Nayak and their client Vueling Airlines). The remit, to recruit 229 professionals; Engineers, MCC Operatives, Managers and Stores people. All to start on 1 September 2021!

On 15 June Ian Taylor and his team at Line Up sat across the virtual table with Sergio Scalera and his team at Nayak, terms were agreed and Line Up got the go ahead. Just as the meeting was finishing Sergio said with a smile “Oh, and by the way, you are doing all the interviews. If you are happy, then we are happy!”

Trust to the highest order indeed!

So, Line Up’s incredible team started immediately before anything was even signed. If your client is going to trust you with their project then we must trust them. Within a little over 3 months over 3200 applications were reviewed, 338 Interviews were carried out and on 1 September Yellow Technic had enough staff to run the Line Maintenance operation for Vueling.

Ian Taylor, Line Up CEO commented:

“This was a tall order, Line Up’s reputation was at stake to support Nayak, Nayak’s reputation was at stake to support Vueling and I am delighted that my teams in the UK and in Italy pulled together as one to make it a success. We had exceptional communication between both companies at all levels and on top of that we couldn’t have wished to work with friendlier and helpful team at Nayak despite the huge pressure they were under. It is often referred to as “companies working together” but at the end of the day it is just “great people working with great people.”

Serio Scalera, Nayak CEO commented:

”The target was really hard and challenging, Line Up was asked to find, interview and submit for possible recruiting a huge number of staff in less than two months.

Even more challenging thinking that those shall be skilled, permanent and resident in Barcelona. Well I have to say that Ian and his team kept their promise, very nice and professional collaboration.”

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