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2023 started with a bang. There continues to be a huge demand for aviation professionals and we have never been busier. We are adding to our teams both in the UK and Italy so we have the capacity to ensure our service levels continue to meet the growing demands.

It has been a pleasure visiting several of our great clients with trips to the Middle East, Europe and USA. Video calls have been very useful for maintaining regular contact but it is not quite the same as shaking hands with old friends.

Talking of old friends, it was such a pleasure seeing FedEx (a wonderful client for over 25 years) at WHQ in Memphis after a break of 3 years. A guided tour of their “Hub” and seeing how many parcels are sorted every second was breath taking. Hearing words like “thank you so much for your support through covid, we knew we could rely on you” made us feel honoured to be in such a great relationship.

With warmest wishes to our clients and candidates.

Ian Taylor, CEO

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