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Our client is seeking a Composite Technician Team Leader to join them in a permanent, full-time basis, at their site in Southeast Ireland. The selected candidate will be responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating workshop activities to meet established production objectives. This role involves developing and maintaining systems and procedures, as well as effectively managing team members to ensure peak performance and productivity.

The Client:

Specialised and dedicated in improving the dependability of aircraft components, by minimising costs and enhancing the overall value for both aircraft and their operators. The company has ambitious expansion strategies that centre around employing, training, and retaining top-tier engineering talent. With an abundance of opportunities for on-site training and career advancement, our team looks forward to welcoming like-minded, enthusiastic, and driven technicians and engineers to join our friendly and forward-thinking workshop.

JOB TITLE: Composite technician Team leader
LOCATION: Southeast Ireland
STATUS: Full time

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Inspect, maintain, overhaul, and test composite/structural aircraft components such as radomes, flaps, slats, leading edges, and engine intakes.
  • Adhere to CMM, SRM, AMM, and other technical documentation.
  • Provide guidance and establish capabilities for new components.
  • Generate inspection reports.
  • Utilize IT software including Microsoft Office, email, and Aerotrac.
  • Determine staffing requirements for the workshop.
  • Recruit, onboard, and train new team members.
  • Supervise workshop teams in accordance with company policies.
  • Strategically plan tasks and activities to achieve business unit objectives.
  • Define goals and objectives for employees.
  • Foster the development of team members to unlock their full potential.
  • Monitor team performance, conduct performance reviews, and provide feedback.
  • Delegate tasks to team members to achieve objectives.
  • Efficiently allocate available resources.
  • Support and monitor team members’ progress in their work.
  • Implement procedures and systems to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Establish departmental/unit policies and practices.
  • Facilitate the preparation and analysis of reports.
  • Review performance data to track productivity, goal attainment, and activity levels.
  • Ensure the team achieves productivity and quality targets.

Education and Experience

  • Possession of an Advanced Certificate or equivalent qualification.
  • Preferably, experience within the aerospace engineering sector.
  • Demonstrated experience in leading and supervising teams of engineers or technicians.
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in an aerospace engineering workshop or equivalent with Inspector’s approval.
  • Familiarity with principles and procedures of personnel management.
  • Understanding of basic planning, monitoring, and workload management to meet production objectives.
  • Proficiency in office administrative procedures.
  • Competency in relevant software applications.

Key Competencies

  • Leadership and coaching abilities
  • Effective planning and organization
  • Delegation of tasks and responsibilities
  • Performance evaluation and management
  • Sound judgment and adaptability.
  • Decision- making
  • Proficient information management
  • Efficient resource management
  • Strong problem analysis and solving skills.
  • Effective communication abilities
  • Collaborative teamwork.

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